Our Services

Refrigeration, LP Gas installations, air conditioning and ventilation and laboratory services and accessories.

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What we do?


We provide, install, service or maintain and repair refrigeration units in the form of Cold Rooms, Freezer Rooms, Chest Freezers, Upright Fridges, Under Bar Counters, Bottle Coolers, Refrigerated Trucks, Mortuaries, etc

LP Gas Installations

We also supply, fix maintain and repair LP Gas Units for commercial uses eg in Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens and also for domestic uses and any other fitting uses.

Laboratory Installations

We install labs, renovations and maintain them for High schools, Colleges, Universities, Medical Science Labs, etc. We also provide materials for the same.

Air Conditioning

We supply, install, maintain, and repair air con units for large scale and domestic uses, as the following, High Wall Splits, Ceiling Cassettes, Under Ceiling, Console, VRF(Variable Refrigerant Flow System), and more

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

—Supply and fit of commercial compressors of the following brands:Maneurop,Danfoss,Copeland,Bitzer ,Tecumseh and Emmerson

—Supply of refrigeration spares such as: Service valves, Expansion Valves,Thermosats,Float Switches, Pressure Switches,EBM fan motor Assembly, Burnout Driers, Copper Tubing, Timer Switches, Solenoid Valves, etc

—Supply of refrigeration consumables notably refrigerants(R134a, R22, R404, R406,R410, Flush Gas etc

—Supply and fit of cold rooms, mortuaries and blast freezer rooms

—Fridge repairs of domestic and commercial units

—Repairs and service of refrigerated trucks

—Installation and repairs of air conditioning units for both domestic and commercial application

—Motor Vehicle( Automobile) air conditioning

Lp Gas

—Supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG)

—Supply of LP gas bottles(3-48kg)

—Manufacturing of industrial gas stoves

—Supply of gas appliances such as gas stoves, gas heaters, gas lamps, gas braai and grill units,etc

—Installation of bench corks and Benson burners in laboratories of Schools and medical labs

—Supply and installation of gas brooders

—Manufacturing and distribution of LP Gas Accessories such as tank connectors, hoses, jets,etc

Conditions Of Sale

—Up to 30 days account for Refrigeration Services and Repairs

—Up to 60 days account for Air Conditioner Installations

—Up to 30 days for Air Conditioner Repairs and Services

—For all new Air Conditioner installation a warranty of 48 months is given provided the client gives us a mandate to service after every 4 months

—For Refriger ation a 3 months warranty is given for mechanical faults and NOT electrical on services and repairs

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