LP Gas Supplies

  • LPG Gas Cylinders,Valves,Lab Gas Taps

  • LPG Gas Electric and Manual Pumps

  • Design and Installation of LP Gas retail Kiosk

  • All LPG Gas Appliances Repairs and Services

Laboratory Supplies

  • Laboratory Glassware and utensils

  • Laboratory Apparatus and fittings e.g gas taps, water taps fume hoods, furniture etc

  • All Laboratory Equipment e.g Microscopes,Power supplies,Rheostats, ACDC Power supplies,Newton meters and Galvanometers.

Hydraulic Systems

Best suppliers in :

  • Hydraulic hoses and pipes

  • Crimping and preparatory hoses

  • Collar fittings

  • Mobile assembly workshop

  • Design specification hydraulics

  • Hydraulic cylinders


Supply and fix of

  • Domestic fridges notably chest freezers and upright fridge.

  • Commercial refrigeration such as freezers chillers, Mortuaries, blast freezer rooms, cold rooms and under bar counters.

  • Repair of both domestic and commercial refrigerators.

  • Installation of cold rooms and freezer rooms and supply of refrigeration spares

  • Design specification hydraulics

  • Hydraulic cylinders

Air conditioning

  • Air conditioning maintenance

  • Installation of Air conditioners

  • Service and maintenance of air conditioners.

  • Sales of spare and air conditioners accessories

Solar Services

Ever Gas  SOLAR for all your solar and renewable energy needs We specialize in:

  • Solar electricity generation
  • Solar electricity storage
  • Solar water heating
  • We retail and install:
  • Commercial and industrial grid-tied photovoltaic systems
  • Domestic Solar PV systems
  • All  approved solar water heating solutions for domestic and commercial use

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