Ever Gas Solar

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Ever Gas  SOLAR for all your solar and renewable energy needs We specialize in:

  • Solar electricity generation
  • Solar electricity storage
  • Solar water heating
  • We retail and install:
  • Commercial and industrial grid-tied photovoltaic systems
  • Domestic Solar PV systems
  • All  approved solar water heating solutions for domestic and commercial use

We sell:

  • PV panels of all sizes
  • All high-quality brands of inverters eg. Sunsynk, Kodak, Mecer, Synapse, Huawei, and Solar Edge
  • All deep cycle batteries including Pylontech
  • All brands of high pressure and low-pressure solar geysers including Kwikot and Apollo
  • All brands of heat pumps

Our Services

Evergas Solar has the expertise and experience to design and install a solar PV system, optimized to drastically reduce your factory, warehouse and business´ electricity costs.

  • Advantages of a commercial PV system
  • Definitely the best investment a landlord or a business owner can make.
  • Pays back within 36 to 60 months.
  • Return on your investment of 20 to 35% p/a.
  • Property owners can generate their own electricity and sell it to their tenants at a profit.
  • Deep cycle batteries can be added for use during load shedding.
  • Contribute to saving the environment.

Evergas´s team of specialists can design the optimum hot water solution for your specific needs, taking into consideration the shading, inclination and orientation of your roof. We supply and install the most approved solar hot water components and systems.

PV Hybrid Systems

Evergas Solar specializes in the installation of Hybrid home solar systems. Hybrid or intelligent inverters use ZESA  or solar power during the day to run appliances and charge batteries. The system will use battery power during load shedding or cloudy conditions. Dual-purpose battery backup and electricity savings.

Battery Back-up Systems

Irritated by load shedding or intermittent power outages? Get a battery backup system. Consists of a battery bank and inverter. The system will automatically switch between battery power and mains power with no interruptions. No solar panels are required but no electricity savings.

Grid-tied Systems

The main function is saving electricity and protecting from high electricity cost increases. Consists of solar panels on the roof and an inverter. This system will run appliances in the house during sunlight hours and feed excess electricity into the grid. No batteries, so no backup function during power outages.

If there is no electricity available, we will make some. All electricity is generated by solar panels and excess power is stored in batteries. Used widely in agriculture for pumps, hunting lodges, farmhouses and irrigation purposes. Farmers can achieve huge savings by using solar instead of ZESA. These systems can also be used by environmentally conscious clients who prefer 100% renewable energy.